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Aston Villa Player Ratings: vs Manchester United

Rating Paul Lambert's Claret and Blue Army.

A haunting view of Villa Park overlooks Saturday's match.
A haunting view of Villa Park overlooks Saturday's match.
Clive Mason/Getty Images

Saturday brought magnificence to Villa Park. We played well against Louis Van Gaal and Manchester United. Villa Played Well! So I'm feeling quite inspired right now and I'm thinking that from now on, we should try and rate the team members after each match. I'll try and be a bit fair with my ratings, a ten out of ten is going to be rare as is a 1 or a 'Charles N'Zogbia award'. Like all good 'post match ratings', let's start off with the Keeper.

GK: Brad Guzan: 8/10

There wasn't more the big man could do! He commanded the box, reacted quickly to mistakes and shots and kept Villa in the game. The decision to use a brilliantly quick distribuition is masterstroke from Paul Lambert, no idea why we didn't start off like that.

RWB: Matt Lowton: 5/10

Lowton's performance was the definition of average, he didn't muck up but he also didn't do too much. I'd prefer to see Hutton or Bacuna in this role going forward. Lowton's potential seems to be dead right now.

CB1: Jores Okore: 8/10

Arguably Villa's man of the match. If Guzan did well, it's because Okore saved his backside too many times to mention. Jores also had a few solid runs down the wing for some reason. He has really impressed me and probably some of the EPL's top teams. It's not often you get a solid CB with this much ball ability. A real gem.

CB2: Ciaran Clark: 7/10

Clark has came a long way since his open-door days of the past couple of seasons. His chemistry with Okore is simply sorcery and has stepped up the game of the pair. He should be able to pair well with Vlaar/Baker now. I expect big things from the Irishman in the future.

CB3: Ron Vlaar: 8/10

Pacific Ron, Concrete, Ronaldo. He lives up to his nicknames by slotting into the impressive CB duo we've had going and making it a trio. He is the Dean Martin to Clark's Sinatra and Okore's Sammy Davis Jr. He never, ever seems to let us down. He will be gone in the summer.

LWB: Aly Cissokho: 5/10

Didn't really do much did he? He got a few good runs down the wing, but managed to cross it into someone's shins a couple of times. Really average. This role seems tailor-made for Joe Bennett.

CM1: Carlos Sánchez: 7/10

Another solid performance from the Colombian. He is really adapting to the pace of the Premier League and has set his bar high. He has to start for the rest of the season, very good in all phases of the game.

CM2: Fabian Delph: 8/10

We will miss him when he leaves. Delph has a massive repertoire of passing and off-the-ball moves that any team would love to have. He's impressive in almost every game.

W: Gabby Agbonlahor: 5/10

Will feel harshly done-by after a bit of nonsense from Lee Mason. His play was pretty poor, but that is mainly due to his atrocious touch. His positioning, pace and strength is amazing, but his ball control destroys his game

W: Andi Weimann: 5/10

See above except for the red card. Weimann is a hard worker who is let down constantly let down by his touch. He is younger than Gabby, let's hope he can iron out that issue from his game.

CF: Christian Benteke 9/10

What more can you say? The defining moment of the game wasn't his goal, but when he took the ball off of the dawdling United defence and created a chance out of nowhere - that is EXACTLY what we need from him. He would have had a 10/10 had he not given up so easily on Bacuna's pass at the end. He could have had that, easily.

I think those are fair enough? What about you? Feel free to discuss in the comments section below or on our awesome Facebook site