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Watch Gabby's 'Red Card' here

Agbonlahor sent off for some reason.

Michael Regan/Getty Images

the turning point of today's match was arguably referee Lee Mason's decision to send off Gabriel Agbonlahor for no reason. Gabby ran into Ashley Young and Mason deemed this worthy of sending the Villa man off. On the TV gabby looked as confused as his team-mates. Even Ashley Young couldn't be blamed for the card - the collision would have hurt, but it was a clear 50/50 tackle.

To send Gabby off at such a crucial part of the game is straight out of the Bad Referee's Handbook. A referee's role is to run the game, ensure players are safe and ensure the game flows. Lee Mason decided to get himself involved in every challenge and tackle with the pinnacle of his decisions being the one that led to Gabby being taken off the pitch. The Villa crowd wouldn't have seen the angle of the challenge so they decided to take umbridge with Ashley Young. The real villain however, is Lee Mason. See for yourself.