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Watch Benteke's STUNNING goal against Manchester United

Clive Mason/Getty Images

I'm not sure I even have words for how perfect this goal is. Christian Benteke has scored in the 18th minute against Manchester United on what may be his best goal in a Villa uniform. Coming off of a long free kick, Villa lofted the ball into Benteke on the right corner of the box. He chested it down and looked sure to shoot, but hesitated just a bit. When it seemed as if the chance were gone, he calmly moved to his left and bent a ball into the upper left corner of the goal. Here's the video:

That gives Aston Villa the 1-0 lead in a match that Manchester United have been pretty comfortably dominating. But given the 3-5-2 lineup that Paul Lambert has put out today, this is exactly how Villa should look to get points. Don't give up many chances and make the most of the very few that you get.