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Watch Benteke's beautiful goal to put Villa up 0-1 over Palace

Aston Villa's Christian Benteke scored a beautiful goal against Crystal Palace and we've got the video.

Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

Christian Benteke reminded us all why we love him so darn much with his 32nd-minute goal to give Aston Villa an 0-1 lead over Crystal Palace. Watch it:

It's got everything that we want out of a Benteke stunner: he muscles past a lone defender, controls the ball beautifully, and curls in an absolutely perfect shot for the goal.

More surprising was the fact that the goal really has seemed to come against the run of play. Palace have been bossing the match, and immediately after the goal they had a bunch of chances that they couldn't convert. This has all the makings of what we saw against Southampton and Burnley, but I guess there's always hope that this turns out differently.

Regardless, it's fantastic to see Benteke getting back to form, and it gives a bit of hope going forward knowing that our best goal-scorer can still do the thing for which he gets paid.