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After years of futility, how can Villa finally beat Manchester United?

Jack and Robert are back to quickly move past the West Bromwich Albion loss before getting to more pressing matters. Manchester United matches, Tottenham Hotspur transfer rumours, and all the Aston Villa talk you need to get through your day!

Matthew Lewis/Getty Images

Aston Villa lost to the Baggies last weekend. And this weekend they've got the resurgent Manchester United, who they'll have to face without Ashley Westwood, Tom Cleverley, Kieran Richardson (yay) and heavens knows probably someone else. So, yeah, we'll talk about that.

But let's look at some other stuff too. Namely, it's only two weeks until the January transfer window opens. With injuries seemingly never going away, what can Aston Villa do to make themselves better on what will likely be a limited budget? Will making Cleverley permanent be a thing that the club do, and if so, will it be the only thing? Is there any chance of a Fabian Delph for Mousa Dembele swap with Spurs?

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