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The Curious Case of Aleksandar Tonev

Bulgarian winger releases statement following charges.

Mark Runnacles/Getty Images

Villa's Bulgarian winger, Aleksandar Tonev has today released a statement after being charged with racially abusing Aberdeen defender Shay Logan during a match in October whilst on loan at Glasgow Celtic. Tonev was found guilty and hit with a seven game ban by the Scottish FA for using a set of 'choice' words towards Logan.

Tonev's statement which can be found on Celtic's website, backs the winger's main point throughout this ordeal - that he did not use racist language towards Logan and that he is not a racist.

"A lot has happened in the last few months. It has been a very difficult time for me and everyone involved. All I can do is move on from this now. "I have made my case all along that I never used the words I was accused of using. I say again that I did not do this, I know what I am and I am not a racist. "I want everyone to understand that, most of all the Celtic fans, who have been a great support to me since coming to the Club. I know what happened and I know that I will definitely recover from this as a stronger person." - Aleksandar Tonev.

The most confusing part about the incident is Celtic's loyalty to the winger, which might hint at there being more than meets the eye to this incident.

To finish, I have no doubt that Shay Logan is being honest about what happened, it would take a cruel person to lie about racial abuse, but what Tonev said and what Logan heard could of well been two very different things and Celtic's backing of Tonev may show that they believe that Aleksandar Tonev did not use that type of language. I sincerely hope that a Villa player did not racially abuse another sportsman on the field of play as it would be very hard to support him in the future, especially if he is so adamant it didn't happen, which could also turn out to be a lie.