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Good News & Bad News

Cleverley benefits from ridiculous loophole whilst Tonev pays the price.

Jan Kruger/Getty Images

In one day, there has been a victory and defeat for the laws of Football in the United Kingdom. On one hand, we have Aleksandar Tonev being rightfully punished for his racial abuse of another player and on the other, Tom Cleverley's one match ban will be served even though he cannot play against Manchester United in our next game.

No, you don't need to sort your eyes out, Tom Cleverley's ban will be served.

In a rather fortunate turn of events, a loophole in the FA rules allows a players ban to be served in any match, even if the players loan contract stipulates he cannot play in said match, exactly the situation Mr.Cleverley has found himself in. I won't argue against how stupid that rule sounds, but there it is! Tom Cleverley will return to first team duties after missing a match he could not play in anyway. No punishment is served for the yellow cards Tom has picked up and we go onwards.

In other news, Aleksandar Tonev has failed his appeal that was lodged with the Scottish FA. Tonev had been found guilty of a racial offense he committed back in October. Tonev will serve a seven game suspension for Celtic. It remains to be seen whether the Glasgow club will welcome him back, let alone Villa.

On a final note, I think I can speak on behalf of all Villa fans when I say that we expect a lot more from our players, and I'm not just on about their skills with a football.