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Lambert Recognises Defensive Duo

Paul Lambert appreciates the hard work of Okore and Clark.

Stu Forster/Getty Images

Good things usually come in pairs - Jake and Elwood Blues, Kirk and Spock, Han and Chewie, Roy Keane and Paul Lambert (RIP), Sherlock and Watson. Well, add another pair to the list: Okore and Clark.

The sigh that followed the injuries to Ron Vlaar, Senderos and Nathan Baker could have honestly been heard on the richter scale. What would Villa do now? Ciaran Clark isn't good enough and Paul Lambert must've benched Jores Okore for some reason!

Three or four games later, Villa fans would be calling (again) for Lambert's head should Clark and Okore get benched. They have been just that good. Sure, a few mistakes here or there, but I am with the consensus on this, Okore and Clark are in such a good run of form it would be a horrible idea to drop them right now.

Unsurprisingly, Paul Lambert agrees. Speaking to the Sutton Coldfield Observer, Lambert stated how impressed he was by Clark, saying "Since Ciaran has been in the team, it's the best I've seen him play." There was enough praise for Okore as well - "Jores has been out for 14 months and he's getting better. He looks outstanding."

The biggest news? Villa fan's may have a Christmas wish come true. Lambert doesn't want to break up the solid defensive pairing - "The two of them have been brilliant, they have a very good understanding of one another. Sometimes you just stumble onto these things."