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Aston Villa: Burning a path of glory through the midlands

Jack and Robert are back with a look at Aston Villa's win over Leicester City and a preview of their match with West Bromwich Albion.

Stu Forster/Getty Images

Two wins in a row? That's absurd. Jack and I considered canceling the podcast forever, because we're pretty sure things will never be this amazing again and we don't want to spoil them. But then we realized that we'd miss all of you lovely people and so we persevere in the face of daunting joy!

We've got two things on our plates today, and both involve midlands rivals. We start by talking about last weekend's win over Leicester City. What about that tackle on Westwood? Wasn't it great that Ciaran Clark is amazing? Alan Hutton too? And are Leicester our new least favorite team?

Of course they aren't, because then we turn our attention to West Bromwich Albion, or as I prefer to think of them: Wet Sandwich Albatross. We preview this weekend's derby match where it will be decided, once and for all, which team really is the pride of the midlands.

As always, you can listen here, or feel free to subscribe to the audio via any podcasting service you can think of. Or, if you'd rather see our pretty faces, subscribe via our YouTube channel. Thanks for listening, and up the Villa!

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