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Delph Looking To Leave?

The foreseeable summer fire-sale continues.

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Clive Rose

If it wasn't enough that Paul Lambert is facing the sack after six consecutive defeats (our worst run since 1963, mind you) and Ron Vlaar seems a certainty to move to Manchester United at some point, news of Fabian Delph leaving at the end of his contracted is again being reported, this time by the Telegraph.

Apparently, Bradford boy Delph has told the team he will be leaving at the end of this year, or will at the very least consider his options before signing a new £50k a week deal with the Villains. With Tottenham Hotspur, Everton, Arsenal, Liverpool and yes, Manchester United being reported as to having an interest in the Villa midfielder, it appears the blood is very much in the water. I would expect a bid to be made in January by any one of these teams.

If Villa manage to scrape through the transfer window with Delph, it is appearing more and more unlikely that he will stay at Villa Park after a string of impressive appearances for the international team.

For a team that is chasing continuity and stability as much as Villa, this is worrying news. In a worst case scenario, will Aston Villa be able to find a new manager, new owner and a few new star players in the summer?