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Podcast: Aston Villa have twice as many losses as we've got hosts

Jack and Robert are joined by Steve Green of the Aston Villa review this week, and they all discuss the woeful recent form of Aston Villa.

Stu Forster

You may have noticed that we did not have a podcast last week. This was a deliberate move, as Jack and I decided that 30 minutes of cursing was probably not something that we wanted to broadcast to the world, and that's all you would have gotten after Aston Villa's absolutely pitiful 2-0 loss to QPR.

But cursing or no, we can't take a two-week hiatus. So we're back, and Villa have now lost six straight matches, and only scored once since September 13. Things are as dire as they can be after the loss to Tottenham - a loss that saw the only routinely competent-looking Villa striker get a straight red card and a three match band - and we needed a way to cope. So we asked Steve Green to join us. Steve is one half of the duo that brings the absolutely amazing Aston Villa Review podcast to life and we get the chance to pick his brain for all things Villa.

As always, you can watch or listen below! And if you would like to, please subscribe using whatever podcasting service you prefer. Be sure to check out Aston Villa Review, and you can find Steve on twitter, too.

Thanks for listening!

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