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Aston Villa win 1-1

After a dodgy last ten minutes, Aston Villa can consider a point a bittersweet victory.

Dave Thompson/Getty Images

This game almost had it all for Villa fans. Joe Cole (possibly on a missing persons list somewhere) actually appeared and managed to bag a goal. Villa played well for nearly eighty minutes of an actual Premier League game. We would have and perhaps should have won, but luck never, ever takes the side of Aston Villa. Unless it's the bittersweet kind of luck, as seen at the climax of this matchup.

In the 87th minute, Jores Okore had a rare moment of sloppy defending and dragged Lukas Jutkiewicz down inside the penalty area. Of course, Danny Ings scores, but what happened after that penalty is why I consider this to be a victory for Villa.

Not two minutes after we concede a goal, Danny Ings is in on goal again and hits the post. Not even thirty seconds after that, Lukas Jutkiewicz glances the post. That's easily 3-1 to Burnley.

Aston Villa also had a bit of a chance through Jack Grealish, if he maybe took it on a yard or so, he could place it and grab a goal for Villa. He still managed to pull of a volley, but of course it would crash straight into Burnley keeper Tom Heaton. Maybe 3-2?

A crazy ten minutes could have resulted in around six different permutations of a final score, and we would have been on the losing end of around four of those. Not to mention, this is a Burnley side playing with a real fire in their bellies. Not the write off team many people would expect the Villa to beat. Of course, I'm poking fun with the whole 'Villa win 1-1', we needed to win, seriously needed to win, but a point is a point.

In a wrap up, we should have won, but we also should have lost and even though a single point is still hard to accept, it's a lot better than nothing as Villa go three games 'unbeaten'.