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Lambert Defends Bent Loan

Villa gaffer states the obvious,

David Rogers/Getty Images

Despite some of the confusion about Darren Bent's month long loan where he will see out the year living on England's south coast at Brighton, it's t's pretty obvious why a bit-part player has been loaned out. Still, Paul Lambert has felt like explaining it.

"Darren wanted to go out on loan about  months go, but due to Benteke's suspension, we had to keep him here. The move will get him going, and that's why I loaned him to Fulham." - Paul Lambert

With Villa's lack of goals, I still find it hard to accept that we have let a striker go out on loan, especially due to our bad luck with injuries that could strike again at anytime, but Darren obviously wants to get his games in and to be quite honest, I can't blame him!

Lambert also gave a possible (and obvious) reason as to why Bent hasnt found success under him.

"We just play a different way and Darren wants to play games"

Bent is known to be a poacher and it's fair enough for the manager to leave him out, it's a role that doesn't fit in with the team Lambert is trying to build. Darren is usually on the end of a goal-line scramble and isn't the most defensive of strikers.

Anyway, good luck at Brighton, Darren! Say hi to Gary and Joe for us.