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Aston Villa now have reserve squad in Brighton with Bent move

Aston Villa have loaned Darren Bent to Brighton Hove Albion, which means the Seagulls now have three Villans.

Cooper Neill/Getty Images

Well, this might explain the recall of Callum Robinson, at least:

I said it earlier today on twitter when I first saw a rumour of this move, but my goodness I literally could not be more perplexed. Bent is in the final year of his contract, and this looks like the type of move set on shopping someone. But he hasn't been good in at least two seasons, and a spot of good play for Brighton Hove Albion isn't going to convince anyone that he's worth buying in the January window. Why buy a relentlessly disappointing player in January when you could wait until June and get him for free? He's not saving any seasons at this point.

Maybe this is just a kindness thing. "Hey Darren, Callum is back, and Christian is back soon too. You're never going to see the pitch. Would you like us to send you somewhere?" And if it is, that's a pretty nice move from Villa. Because I have absolutely nothing against Bent as a person. Through three seasons of being used hardly at all, we haven't heard a word from him. He's been sort of like Shay Given in that regard. And it's worth remembering that he almost single-handedly (footedly?) saved the 2010-11 season, so we've that to thank him for. If we can do anything nice for the guy, let's do it.

But from a purely football sense, I don't get this. I mean, it doesn't really hurt Villa. But I'm not sure why Brighton would want him.

Anyhow, he joins Gary Gardner and Joe Bennett with the Seagulls, which means that we've got 27% of a full starting XI on loan there. I think it's safe to start referring to BHAFC as AVFC-2. Good luck against Fulham (what a weird irony) Darren, and I hope you get your career back in some way. You've been a great guy here at Villa and I wish you nothing but the best.