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Villa recall Robinson from Preston North End, scoring woes at end

Aston Villa have recalled Callum Robinson from Preston North End, where he was on loan.

He's back in claret and blue!
He's back in claret and blue!
Paul Thomas/Getty Images

It turns out that the rumours of which I was so dubious earlier were true. Callum Robinson is back to Villa:

So now all of Aston Villa's scoring problems are solved, right? No more two goals in eight matches, and now we'll score tons.

Well, not so fast. Robinson has scored five goals in eleven matches -- including four in the last three -- but it's come against significantly lower opposition than he'll be facing with Villa. And there's the big question of whether or not Paul Lambert will actually use him. Despite the fact that Jack Grealish and Jores Okore are two of Villa's best players this season, they've been used a total of five times in the league. For some reason Lambert has an anti-youth thing going on and that could work against Robinson.

If he plays: this could be a useful move (COULD be). If he doesn't, it's one of the stupidest things that has happened this season. I don't know about you, but my money is on the stupid outcome.