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Villa set new attendance mark for the 21st century

Aston Villa played in front of a record crowd against Southampton. And not the good kind.

Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

We are well into the 21st Century at this point. 14 years if you say it starts in 2001, 15 if you're less persnickety about these things. Regardless, it's long enough that I don't mind talking about records of this century, because it's been a while since we were in the 20th.

And this evening Aston Villa have set a new record for this century. It's not the good kind, either. The 25,311 people who watched the team work out a 1-1 draw this evening were the fewest to see a league match since a December 1999 match against Sheffield Wednesday. And really, who can blame the fans? What have Villa offered fans this season (especially at Villa Park) that makes them worth spending money on?

Granted, this was on a Monday night, so the attendance numbers are at least a bit deflated by that. But if results don't start to come around, it wouldn't be shocking to see the 21st-century record for low attendance be broken and set at least a few more times this season.