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Instant reaction to Villa 1-1 Southampton: Hahahahahahahaha

Aston Villa spent 52 minutes in the lead against Southampton. And then they remembered they were Aston Villa.

Matthew Lewis/Getty Images

I missed the first half of this match, which explains why Gabby Agbonlahor scored. It was a gorgeous goal. All fast runs and stupid decisions by Fraser Forster and ball hitting the back of the net.

Aw yeah, that's the stuff. It's pure vintage Agbonlahor and everything we wish we could see from this club.

And when the second half started Villa looked surprisingly competent. They even seemed as if they might hold on for the win. But we all knew better. I asked on twitter whether or not people thought we would hold on, since we looked likely to. And the response was unanimous:


To add to our collective misery, Paul Lambert decided to help things along. In the 74th minute he made his second (!) substitution of the match. Now, taken in one piece at a time nothing about this is too atrocious. Darren Bent came on. Okay, not expected, but cool. Carlos Sanchez came off. Okay, he was tiring a bit. Darren Bent came on FOR Carlos Sanchez. What in the heck is that?

Cut to: 7 minutes later Nathaniel Clyne gets the ball just about where we'd expect Carlos Sanchez to be, brings back his foot, and slams home the equalizer. From there, playing things out was a formality.

Getting a point isn't bad. And getting a point against Southampton is especially not bad. But it really doesn't help Villa too much, and it came in the most Villa way possible. At this point when we get punched in the gut over and over, all I can do is laugh. It's the only thing preventing me from crying.