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Villa have a very real chance at a shameful winless streak

Aston Villa could realistically go longer during the season without a win than they did in the period that included an entire summer off.

Oh yeah. Winning. Sigh.
Oh yeah. Winning. Sigh.
Alex Livesey/Getty Images

547 minutes. That's how long Aston Villa's scoring drought lasted before Andi Weimann found the back of the net against Tottenham. Since then, we've been back to nothing. One quick blip aside and Villa haven't done any scoring for 711 minutes. Now, that's a little bit disingenuous since goals are the exception and if you used that math you could make every season into a giant scoreless wasteland.

But, I put it there for a reason. If Villa extend their current time without a goal (sitting at 164 minutes right now) to 704 they will be absolutely certain of getting no wins until at least Boxing Day. That's six more matches. Sure, maybe the defense shows up and they get a few draws, but no goals guarantees no wins. And really, when you think about the way that this club has been playing, what seems more likely: a 704-minute goalless streak, or two or three goals before Boxing Day?

Why should I be setting this at 704 minutes, though? Certainly the club can sink to lower depths than that! Well, as I mentioned on today's Holtecast, if they can't win by then, they will have gone as long as they did between the last win of last season and the first of this one: 3 months and 13 days. That is obviously a period that includes TAKING THE SUMMER OFF AND NOT PLAYING MATCHES. I mean, for god's sake, the club has not won in more than two months. The match at Anfield was so long ago.

There isn't a larger point here. This is just a depressing post to point out that, while it isn't probable (Burnley, after all, are a club that Villa get to play), it is 100% within the realm of reason that Villa could go winless for a longer period of time during the season than they did over the summer. You'd think that even the most hapless of teams would luck into a win over the next six matches, but this club's inability to score has me wondering if there actually is a floor. Maybe they CAN keep getting worse.

I'm sorry to have depressed your day, but I can't get over how many different, quantifiable ways this team is miserable. I could do a Villa in Four every week and have four different numbers to show you the depths of despair. God this season is miserable.