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How a battered Aston Villa can crack Southampton's defense

Jack and Robert are back to preview the Aston Villa vs. Southampton match this Monday and see if there is any way that a battered claret and blue squad can eek out a win.

Ross Kinnaird/Getty Images

The Holtecast, like football after the international break, is back! And, like football after the international break, we're battered. Battered down by watching Villa play seven matches since September 13 and not grab a win in any of them. But that doesn't mean that we've given up hope entirely! No thanks to circumstances, of course.

This week we dive into everything that has happened since our last episode. And given that it was a break, there's a surprising amount to cover. Ron Vlaar got injured, Villa got connected to his replacement, and lots of meaningless international football went on. But we spend the bulk of today looking ahead to Monday's match against Southampton. How can Aston Villa's anemic offense unlock the Premier League's best defense? Can it be done?

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