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The UEFA Euro 2016 mascot will steal your soul

UEFA have introduced us to the Euro 2016 mascot, and he. Is. Horrifying.

Sporting events have long traditions of strange mascots. Who could forget the 1996 Atlanta Olympic games mascot. Or Wenlock and Mandeville from the London games. Or the strange Hans and Franz-esque duo from Euro 2012? So yeah, mascots are weird and can sometimes be a bit creepy.

But for Euro 2016, UEFA has ratcheted up the creepiness by more than a few notches. The new mascot, unveiled in a video today starts off so brightly. The logo for the competition flutters on a flag, looking majestic:

UEFA Euro 2016 Mascot

We quickly realize, however, that the flag is a cape. It's a superhero! Here to save us from non-European football! And he's actually sort of adorable:

UEFA Euro 2016 Mascot

But then he smiles. And your world turns inside-out. And you realize that our hero is actually a villain, one bereft of a soul, and one who wants your soul:

UEFA Euro 2016 Mascot

Only look into his eyes and the dead smile he is giving you and you shall give yourself to him. He will consume all of Europe and what is left will be only a husk.

Here, if you desire, is his first attempt at domination in the form of a looping video:

You can vote on his name here. Oddly, I can't even get an anagram of "Lucifer" from any of the three choices.