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If Okore quits Villa without getting a chance, I'll quit too

Watching Aston Villa is far from enjoyable, especially when it requires waking up early on Saturday mornings. If Jores Okore leaves — like was suggested yesterday — I'm done.

Not only is Jores Okore healthy... he captained Denmark's U21's last week!
Not only is Jores Okore healthy... he captained Denmark's U21's last week!
Maurizio Lagana/Getty Images

Yesterday, Robert told us about the latest rumour that Aston Villa centre back Jores Okore might be ready to quit the club come January if he does not start getting first-team action.

Yes. The guy that chose a move to Villa over a move to Chelsea in order to get playing time is not being selected and might leave the club as a result.

I don't know. Robert did a pretty good job of talking about how stupid this would be in his post and while it might not happen, well...

If Okore leaves permanently in January, I'm done.

You see, this line of thought goes through my head on a somewhat regular basis...

  • I'm an American. I have no blood ties to Birmingham or Aston Villa in the first place.
  • For some weird reason, I chose to like this club (or maybe it chose me — who knows, but I gave it the chance in the first place). That means I can choose to not like this club, right?
  • But they keep pulling me back.
  • And what if Aston Villa ever gets good again?
  • But still, I'm really, really upset with this.
  • I have other sports that I can care about.
Last weekend — for the first time in, well, I don't know how long, I didn't watch Villa. I presume I didn't miss much in a predictable 0-0 draw with West Ham and sleeping in (before watching Notre Dame get taken to the woodshed by Arizona State) sounded a lot more enjoyable.

But when push comes to shove, I'll probably be watching Monday. I won't be able to stay away.

If Jores Okore leaves? That might be the thing that puts me over the top.

I mean, there's literally no reason why I put up with this week in, week out. It gets damn repetitive waking up at the break of dawn, curling up into my blanket, and watching Villa not even try to win the game when I could be doing a lot better for myself by simply sleeping.

But on top of all of that, Jores Okore is the type of player that Villa need to be a top player if they're ever going to take the step back up the table. To give up on him this early? It's a sign that Aston Villa are content for being just good enough to stay in the division.

And if that's the case? I'll just sleep in a little longer on Saturday mornings.