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Aston Villa defender open to move in January transfer window

Jores Okore has not played at all this year and, unsurprisingly, wants to. Even if it's not with Aston Villa.

Maurizio Lagana/Getty Images

Do you remember Jores Okore? That's a legitimate question, because it seems as if Aston Villa have forgotten about the young Danish defender who came to the club on great accolades last year, injured himself, and almost literally has not been seen since. Paul Lambert keeps insisting that Okore isn't in the squad because he's not ready for the Premier League, but he's given lie to that claim by having him on the bench for the matches against Arsenal and Liverpool.

Add in the fact that Ciaran Clark sees the pitch every now and again and we know that Lambert can't be being entirely honest. Okore has loads of talent and we have no idea if he could help the squad as constructed. The fact that he was given a captaincy for the Danish U-21 side this weekend suggests that he could, but a new report suggests that we may never know. That new report?

Well, I'll let Gregg Evans of the Birmingham Mail tell you:

Forgotten man Jores Okore has refused to give up on his Aston Villa career - but has not ruled out a January move.

Oh, that's just great. He is considering leaving Villa because he can't get playing time being the fifth-choice centre-back (again, behind Ciaran "Walking Liability" Clark). He's going to keep pressing for a chance but:

"I came to Villa to play and I am going to fight to make that happen," he told Danish station TV2.

"At the same time I need to play, so I don't want to exclude anything when it comes to the coming transfer window."

Now, perhaps we oughtn't panic. After all, he's only saying that he would consider a move. And heck, it could be a loan. But still, one of our brightest prospects is irritated enough with the club that he's considering getting the heck out of dodge. Great job, Paul. Perhaps he'll be ready for the Premier League elsewhere.