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Vlaar hurts his leg, Keane (allegedly) hurts someone’s face

We've got the biggest Aston Villa headlines for November 13, 2014, including Ron Vlaar's injury and Roy Keane's bust-up.

Remember a few years ago during the World Cup in South Africa when they would endlessly play K'naan's "Wavin' Flag"? I present to you some new lyrics:

When I get older, I won't be injured,
But Villa will be, so let's all wave the white flag.

The two big stories we're tracking today are:

  • Ron Vlaar injured himself in a friendly between Mexico and the Netherlands. Because, you know, it makes sense to have players on international duty for pointless friendlies when their club CANNOT POSSIBLY STAND ANOTHER INJURY. Our story is here.
  • Roy Keane (allegedly) injured a fan seeking autographs when the Ireland and Aston Villa assistant (allegedly) punched the fan. This is annoying news, but it is also the least surprising story of all time. Our story is here.

And if Aston Villa media is your thing, make sure to watch/listen to the latest episode of the Holtecast, our weekly podcast around these parts. Thanks for watching!