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Roy Keane may have punched a fan in a bar fight

Aston Villa and Ireland assistant manager Roy Keane was reportedly involved in some sort of fight at the Ireland team hotel.

Ian Walton

In the past five days, Aston Villa have had three centre backs injured, one rumour about Fabian Delph leaving, and now an assistant manager involved in an incident that saw the police called and one man go to the hospital. So, you know, life is pretty great as an Aston Villa fan right now.

The latest incident involves, who else, Roy Keane. There's not a lot that's clear right now but the facts that do seem to be known are as follows:

  • Roy Keane was at the bar of Portmarnock Hotel in Dublin, where the Republic of Ireland squad were staying during this international break.
  • There was some sort of row between Keane and another person
  • That other person has found themselves in the hospital
  • The police (or, as they are apparently called in Ireland, Gardai) were called

Here is a list of things that we DO NOT KNOW

  • Whether or not Roy Keane hit the other person
  • Who the other person was
  • What they were doing
  • Who called the police (though the Irish FA say that it was Keane who did that)
  • What the ramifications of all of this are

So: Keane was definitely involved in some sort of dust-up, though it's unclear who was at fault. No charges are being pressed at this time, so it seems as if this may in fact be much ado about nothing.

The problem is that, where Keane is involved, there is rarely a pat ending to any situation. He's got, for better or worse, a reputation, and these types of items have a way of sticking around. It's probably not a big deal, but given the week from hell (and really the nearly two months from hell) that Villa have been having lately, it's the last thing we all want to hear.

Wouldn't it be great if bad news went on an international break too?