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Vlaar limps off after injury while playing for Netherlands

Aston Villa defender and captain Ron Vlaar has limped off the pitch after sustaining an injury in the 24th minute while playing for the Netherlands.

Dean Mouhtaropoulos

Remember yesterday when news broke that Phillipe Senderos had been broken while playing for Switzerland? At the end of my post on that injury, I had this to say:

In related news: the supernatural being that put an injury curse on Aston Villa in 2010 is still not appeased. Continue sacrificing goats until we give the all clear.

Well, we now have two options. 1) One of you did not sacrifice your goat today. 2) We need to up our game and begin sacrificing whales. Why? Well here's why:

I hope you're ready for a back pairing of Ciaran Clark and Nathan Baker, because with Senderos and Vlaar injured, that's what we've got. The injury was sustained in the 24th minute of Netherlands friendly against Mexico, and appears to have been to Vlaar's lower leg. No official word yet as to how severe it is, but given the captain's injury-prone nature, it wouldn't be surprising to see him miss a match or two.

The only upside here, if there is any, is that Vlaar and Senderos being out may force Paul Lambert's hand into giving Jores Okore some time. Sure hope he's Premier League ready.