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Villa defender withdraws from international camp with injury

Aston Villa's Philippe Senderos was just about healthy after sustaining an injury during the last international break with Switzerland. Now he's withdrawn from the Swiss camp with another leg injury.

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Ian Walton

During the last international break, Philippe Senderos injured himself while playing for Switzerland. The thigh problem has kept Villa's number-two centre back out of the lineup since then, but his inclusion on the bench this weekend was a sign that he was nearly ready to return. And apparently the Swiss felt that he was healthy enough to return to international duty as well.

Well, that didn't last very long. Senderos has become the third Swiss player to withdraw from their camp with an injury before Saturday's match against Lithuania. This time it's a calf muscle that Senderos has hurt, and he has returned to Aston Villa for treatment. With nearly two weeks until Villa's match against Southampton, this may end up not being a big deal, but it's never good to see a player injure themselves on the verge of returning to action.

In related news: the supernatural being that put an injury curse on Aston Villa in 2010 is still not appeased. Continue sacrificing goats until we give the all clear.