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Grealish may be nearing new contract with Villa

Jack Grealish has pulled out of Ireland U21 duty, and it's reportedly to sign a new Aston Villa contract.

Ian Walton

We've been saying for a while that the most important thing that Aston Villa could do would be to sign Fabian Delph, Ron Vlaar, and Jack Grealish to new contracts. There's good news to report: the last of those three may be just about to happen! It was reported yesterday that Grealish had been pulled out of Ireland's U21 squad by Aston Villa, and there was plenty of speculation as to why. Today, the Birmingham Mail tells us that it is probably because Grealish will be signing a new contract this week.

The news is absolutely fantastic, considering that Grealish is already getting first-team time in the Premier League, and has been holding his own against some of the world's best competition. Plus, he's only 19. Clubs like Chelsea and Manchester United have been rumoured to be interested in him, and he's absolutely a future superstar if he keeps up his development at his current pace.

So losing Jack would have been a huge blow to the club, while re-signing him would be about the best possible news. Let's hope the B-Mail is right and we've got reason to celebrate this international break.