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Instant reaction to Aston Villa embarrassing themselves against QPR

I can't take it anymore. Aston Villa are terrible and their loss to QPR tonight demonstrated that.

Ian Walton

Why are you here? Why are you reading this? Here's my instant reaction to Villa's fifth loss in as many matches: they're absolutely terrible and atrocious and good lord there is nothing positive to say about this team. If you, like me, have been watching Villa this season, you've just seen 450 consecutive minutes of suck. Add onto that the 81 minutes without a goal in the Liverpool match and this is a team that is barely worth caring about.

Paul Lambert has just been given a new contract, and I am (finally) ready to say that he doesn't deserve it. He had a chance to do so much. He's got decent players. And yet he plays the type of football that loses to QPR, a team that would probably finish around 10th in the Championship. There is absolutely no excuse for this batch of players to be embarrassed by QPR.

Lose to Arsenal? Sure. Lose to Chelsea? Sure. Manchester City? Everton? Absolutely. Get embarrassed by QPR? You're not even worth our time.

So go do something with the remaining bit of your evening. Make it something that has nothing to do with Villa. They don't deserve your thoughts and you don't deserve the heartburn.

I'm sorry you chose this team to root for, but I can't thank you enough for stopping by here. We'll resume less irritated (maybe) coverage tomorrow.