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Podcast: We considered changing our name to the Aston Villa Badcast

We're beginning to feel a bit like Count von Count after yet another three-goal loss. "Four losses in a row! One! Two! Three! Four! Ah! Ha! Ha!" While losing to Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester City and now Everton isn't the end of the world, four in a row feel pretty bad. We dive in during this week's podcast.

Jan Kruger

Alright, losing 3-0 to Arsenal is fine. Doing the same to Chelsea? Acceptable. A 2-0 loss that was competitive for 82 minutes to Manchester City was even, dare we say it, encouraging. But 3-0 to Everton? A team that had allowed more goals than any other in the Premier League? Well, that's just infuriating.

And it doesn't help that Aston Villa played terribly to boot.

Jack and Robert are back to dissect yet another loss. Four in a row in a stretch that we knew was capable of producing exactly that kind of run. And in fact, that's the only thing keeping most Villa fans sane right now. Lose 3-0 to QPR on Monday, though, and you can bet we all lose that tenuous grasp. (But if you want some hope, here are the three goals from Villa's last win over QPR.)

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