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Even after 3-0 defeats to Chelsea and Arsenal, Villa are still looking great

The Holtecast returns to survey the damage of two successive 3-0 defeats. It turns out that the damage isn't so bad.

Clive Rose

We took last week off, and Aston Villa gave us another 3-0 loss. That's two in a row, but to Arsenal and Chelsea. Not bad teams to find yourself losing to. But even with those losses, this is a club that's in a vastly better position than they have been in for years. 10 points through 6 matches is better than most of us would have hoped for, and it's good enough to have Villa sitting sixth in the League.

Jack and Robert return this week to talk about those matches, but also to focus on some of Villa's upside right now. In addition to being sixth, great showings from Joe Cole, Jores Okore and some guy named Christian Benteke in VIlla's U21 match are causes for renewed hope.

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