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Three Lions: Delph, Westwood and Cleverly?

Paul Lambert backs the Villa triple threat for England.

Ian Walton

As reported by The Daily Star, Ashley Westwood has backed himself, Fabian Delph and Tom Cleverley to bolster England's midfield.

After Delph's debut, there is no reason why Westwood can't follow, considering he has been a real quiet success at Villa. Tom Cleverley has fluttered around the national team in the past and will certainly hope to add to his 13 caps. Westwood highlighted the trio's chemistry as a major positive going forward:

'The three of us have a real good understanding, we get on well and of course that helps'

- Ashley Westwood on Villa's English midfield.

Roy Hodgson will want to pay particular attention to Westwood's words as chemistry and teamwork that can simply be lifted from club to country will save him a few painful hours on the training ground. Not to mention that all three are very, very good players.

Villa boss Paul Lambert hasn't missed the form of the trio either, being particularly happy about the performances of Delph and Westwood.

'[Westwood] is a real smart player who goes unnoticed a lot of the time, he makes the game look easy and his main quality is holding onto the ball. Fabian has shown where it can take you and he hasn't let anyone down'

- Paul Lambert speaking about Westwood following in Delph's footsteps.

So, could Cleverley and Westwood soon link up with Delph for England? I certainly hope so and it isn't exactly out of the realm of possibility!