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Stiliyan Petrov: Sunday League Superstar!

Swapping the Holte End for Amatuer Football, Petrov finds the joy of the game. Now we've got a bit more of a look into what the old captain is thinking about his new digs!

Chris Brunskill

There's no question that one of the most traumatic moments in recent Villa history was when club captain Stiliyan Petrov, had his career and potentially his life cut short when he was diagnosed with Leukaemia towards the end of the 2012 Premier League season.

Thankfully, the Celtic and Villa icon is recovering and ends his treatment soon, although this hasn't stopped the Bulgarian from getting back into the game as shown by the Mirror.

Trading his 50k pay packet for a pay-to-play team, Petrov has shown a remarkable determination to get back into playing at any level, driving up from London to Birmingham for one game. A true sportsman in every sense of the word, when Petrov was fouled leading to a penalty, he admitted that the defender had gotten all do the ball, leading to the decision being reversed.

Although a professional comeback is probably off the cards. I'm sure Petrov is simply happy to be alive and enjoying life, rather than worrying about Football. This is a massive victory for the man who admitted he struggled to gather energy to speak to his kids, let alone kick a ball around.