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Behind The Beard: Roy Keane at the BBC

Roy Keane sits down with the BBC and discusses Fergie, Football and Life,

Ian Walton

Even though they lost their last game, there seems to be no doubt that Aston Villa are undergoing some sort of resurgence. We have undoubtedly fought tooth and nail for results and have come away with points that we wouldn't have earned last year, or the year before. Things are looking up in Birmingham.

Now, I'm sure you're all aware there's not a slew of news coming out of an international break. Yes, Delph played well. Yes, we are preparing for the next match. No, they haven't signed a contract yet. The usual stuff before the season gets going again. This is all why I've taken an interest in an Roy Keane's interview with the BBC. Now, I won't spoil the entire thing and obviously it surrounds his career, not just the recent parts. However, there is one nugget of information that has left me satisfied about the Irishman's role at Villa.

"I was sitting around, bored. Punditry didn't rock my boat and I felt I had more to give back to football than that."

- Roy Keane, speaking to the BBC.

It's quite refreshing to hear that as a Villa fan. Obviously Keane isn't going to say he wants a quick pay-check, but he does back this up due to his current resume. The guy is operating two intensive jobs as the assistant manager to the Republic of Ireland's national team and also assistant manager to Paul Lambert at Aston Villa. He couldn't 'give more back to football' if he tried.

I'm glad we have someone behind our team with such a commitment and passion for the game and I can only hope his enthusiasm rubs off on everyone else at the club. Now, if only he would grow that beard back..