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Report: Grealish joins Bale's agency, new deal expected this week

Jack Grealish has joined the agency that represents Gareth Bale and Ashley Cole and is expected to sign a new deal with Aston Villa this week, according to the Telegraph. The deal would preclude a move to either Chelsea or Manchester City, both of whom have been rumoured to be interested in signing the youngster.

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Fabian Delph, Ron Vlaar, Jack Grealish. Fabian Delph, Ron Vlaar, Jack Grealish. Fabian Delph, Ron Vlaar, Jack Grealish.

That's been the refrain of plenty of Aston Villa fans lately when it comes to the most pressing business at the club. Sign those three players and we'll all be pretty darn happy. Well, if a report in the Telegraph is to be believed, our chanting is about to lose three syllables. Jack Grealish has apparently signed on with the Stellar Group agency and is on the verge of signing a new, four-year deal sometime this week.

We've heard that he's about to sign a few times now, but the specifics in this article, paired with the move to new representation, lead me to believe we could finally be seeing the move we've wanted for so long. Until now, Grealish has been represented by his father, and the shift to an agency that represents players like Gareth Bale and Ashley Cole is a good sign that something is about to happen.

The news will likely sadden fans of Chelsea and Manchester City, who have both been rumoured to be pursuing the 19-year-old winger. And if the report is correct, the interest from other clubs did manage to net Grealish a nice raise: he would supposedly be on £20,000 per week wages. Given that Grealish is one of the hottest prospects in the Premier League, that actually doesn't seem too bad. He hasn't quite justified those numbers with on-the-pitch performance yet, but he's also not had much of an opportunity.

Here's hoping the rumour is true and that Grealish will be on a new contract by the time Villa face Everton on Saturday.