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Keane makes friends by calling Chelsea's Mourinho "a disgrace"

Roy Keane has been in the news for what he's said in his book lately, but it's comments about Jose Mourinho that will have the world loving the Aston Villa assistant.

Julian Finney

You certainly remember the Chelsea match a few weeks ago, right? The one that Aston Villa lost 3-0 and in which Jose Mourinho tried to shake hands before it was all over? Here's the video of that again in case you've forgotten:

It's just further proof that The Chosen One is an unflappable jerk. But the best part of that little video was Aston Villa assistant manager Roy Keane's reaction: a stone-faced stare into space that looked to almost scare Mourinho.

Now, with his new book out, Keane has seemingly made half of the football world angry. So why not get everyone right back behind him? Cut to Keane's comments on Mourinho's premature shake:

"I don't mind all that [Mourinho's mind games] but the game is still going on. It's disgraceful. I've seen him doing it to other managers - it is a disgrace. The game is still going on. You wouldn't do that on a Sunday morning, you would get knocked out."

The Four Four Two article from which that is drawn captures Keane's reaction to the question of whether or not Jose's actions are disrespectful: "What do you think? That's a stupid question."

If you want people to love you and you're the second-most disliked man in football, the easy way to do that is by insulting the most-disliked man in football. Good on you, Roy.