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Watch Christian Benteke and Joe Cole score in Villa returns

Christian Benteke, Joe Cole, and Jores Okore all featured in Aston Villa's U21 match on Monday. Now we can finally see their work.

Scott Heavey

On Monday, we got awesome news as it was revealed that not only had Joe Cole, Jores Okore, and Christian Benteke played in Aston Villa's U21 match against Bolton, but they also played really well. And now, thanks to the official site, we can see the results. I can't encourage you enough, if you have AVTV, to head over there and watch the highlights in full. There is an awful lot to be excited about in a pretty short video.

But the part that we all care about is Benteke scoring:


It's your standard penalty, but that doesn't change the fact that it's Benteke scoring and simply seeing that makes us all feel better. And the good news didn't end there. Joe Cole, too, got on the score sheet for the day with a beautiful curled effort that absolutely fooled the Bolton keeper.


And should you think that Benteke might not be up to fitness, he had a beautiful little run/pass combo that fed Jores Okore who only missed a goal because of some excellent blocking:


But again, go watch the full video on the site. The final goal, scored by Thomas Strain, was set up by a jaw-dropping 60-yard run and shot made by Jack Grealish that's worth seeing.