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Barcelona's Pique: Villa coach 'scares me'

Gerard Pique on the presence of the former Man Utd midfielder

Michael Regan

i never thought I'd be talking about Gerard Pique on this blog, but we've been brought together by a common subject. Aston Villa's very own 'MR.Motivator', Roy Keane.

The Barcelona man was speaking to Four-Four-Two, about his memories of Keane and described him as somewhat 'scarier than Ferguson's hairdryer treatment'. Yikes.

"I remember when we beat Celtic last year and Keane was one the side of the pitch, as a pundit. I hid my face as we warmed up near him. I was 26 years old and still shi**ing myself.."

As well as hiding from the touchline, Pique also describes hiding his vibrating phone from the Irishman as he tore around the dressing room looking for the buzzing sound. Somewhat like Michael Myers to Jaime Lee Curtis, Keane was worth hiding from.

Of course, everyone knows that 'Keano' is a bit, for lack of a better word, scary. When he wasn't kicking shins in, he was screaming at referees or swearing at someone. The type of player you would like to avoid, simply because of his presence. It's no surprise to me that he instilled this sense of fear and/or respect into the youth team at Manchester United.

It's clear to me that Keane's presence is reaping positive benefits for Villa, as our defense and midfield are quite less unforgiving nowadays, a trait that Roy Keane based his career around. Just ask Alf-Inge Haaland.