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Vote and give us your thoughts: Where do Aston Villa go now?

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I'd like to get a feel for what everyone thinks of this club right now, so vote and leave a comment!

Laurence Griffiths

If you were on twitter during Aston Villa's loss to Sheffield United in the third round of the FA Cup yesterday, you definitely ran into some of the most negative outbursts from Villa fans we've seen in a while. And in some ways, it's entirely understandable. Since November 9, the club has had just two wins in ten matches. One of the losses saw the club crash out of England's most prestigious non-league competition, and that came days after Paul Lambert offended a number of fans by saying that the club's focus would be on league football rather than cups.

But I'm intrigued to get the reaction of fans who aren't in the midst of a match on twitter. Now that you've had a day to think about it, what do you think of Aston Villa's situation? What about Paul Lambert? Are you withholding judgment until the January transfer window closes? Let us know in the comments below. I'd also like to bring back (for just one week, I think) the 7500 to Holte Fan Confidence Poll. So in addition to leaving a comment, vote and let us know your thoughts on how the club is being run.

I'm looking to see what people honestly think. I imagine many of you know how we feel, but I just keep wondering if we're totally off the pulse of other fans. So let us know!