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Transfer Deadline Day: Aston Villa will not sign anyone

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The club have all but officially said that they will sign no one else in the January window.

Laurence Griffiths

Aston Villa's physios and medical staff have made the trip to Everton, abandoning Bodymoor Heath and ruling out the possibility of any more Aston Villa signings in the January transfer window. Wes Hoolahan was the last option that Paul Lambert had in mind for the window, and since West Bromwich Albion and Norwich City are collectively giving Aston Villa a middle finger over the Irishman, business is done.

That means that the incoming dealings for this window were limited to bringing Grant Holt in on loan from Wigan Athletic and Ryan Bertrand on loan from Chelsea. Holt has looked better than expected in his limited time on the pitch, and Bertrand has impressed almost everyone. All-told it isn't a disastrous window, but it means that Aston Villa will have to finish the season's final fifteen matches without any reinforcement in the midfield, which is widely regarded as the place in which Villa could have used the most help.

With the window closing and no more moves in sight, how would you rate Paul Lambert's efforts this January? Do you think he did enough, too much, or do you desperately want more? Let us know in the comments!