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For you, Villa fans, we unravel a Christian Benteke mystery

7500 to Holte is proud to unravel a mystery surrounding the potential transfer of Christian Benteke.

Laurence Griffiths

Are there many Aston Villa news outlets that are also keeping a close eye on Serbian media? No? Then we feel very confident in asserting that we're probably the only ones that are going to tell you this...

Christian Benteke is on his way out of Aston Villa.

Yes. You see, Serbian sports site are reporting it. And who better to know that Benteke is on his way to Borussia Dortmund to replace Robert Lewandowski? Or on to Inter Milan to compensate for the fact that the nerazzurri have, say, no one under 30 that can lead the line? Obviously a Serbian site would be first to this sort of news.

One of the (many) troubles with this article is that it was posted 17 minutes before the German transfer window slammed closed, rendering its first assertion - that Benteke would replace Lewa at BVB - rather moot. Also, there's absolutely no way Inter could ever afford to swipe Tekkers away from Villa. They just don't have the money.

Yet what's worrying is the article seems so confident: "nemojte se iznenaditi ako Benteke ne bude član tima iz Birmingema nakon ponoći." Don't be surprised if Benteke is no longer in Birmingham come midnight.

Perhaps they have secret sources in Belgium? Or...or wait. Maybe it's because Benteke is going to be in Liverpool at midnight.

Glad we cleared that up.