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West Brom are actively trolling Aston Villa

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After Norwich rejected three bids for Wes Hoolahan from Aston Villa, they're now reportedly set to let him go to West Bromwich Albion.

Michael Regan

Ok, West Bromwich Albion, that's enough out of you. We Aston Villa fans, we get it. You think of us as your ultimate rivals. You want to do whatever you can to get the better of the Villa. And while you Baggies have managed to finish above Villa the last couple seasons, it's not working out so well this year, is it? Villa are in 10th, West Brom are in 15th.

Mostly due to the fact that Villa just came back from being 2-0 to you Albion - again, might we add - and this time managed a 4-2 victory. Clearly West Brom feels foolish. And this is how they shall get their revenge...

By swooping in at the last minute for Villa target Wes Hoolahan. Yes, after Norwich City rejected three bids from the Villa, the Baggies are suddenly in this thing - and it looks like they're going to get the Irishman.

So it wasn't about Norwich wanting to hang on to Hoolahan. It was about Norwich not wanting Villa to have him. So an even better punishment: sell him to their rivals.

You just wait, Canaries. Someday you will need a favor from Aston Villa. And Aston Villa is going to remember this little bit of treachery. And Aston Villa will just laugh and laugh.

As for you, Albion...well, we never wanted Hoolahan anyway. Enjoy your overpriced, aging midfielder.