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Transfer Deadline Day: Villa deal is off

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Wes Hoolahan will not be leaving Norwich for Aston Villa this January transfer window.

Julian Finney

Sky Sports has just announced that the potential deal seeing Wes Hoolahan move from Norwich City to Aston Villa is off.

There's 14 hours left in Transfer Deadline Day and the best hope that Villa had for landing a midfielder has just gone up in smoke. Of course, we knew it was unlikely to happen: Norwich refused Hoolahan's transfer request, and then Villa had a second bid for Hoolahan rejected. Still, sources within the club were continuing to hold out a bit of hope.

Not so anymore. Where does Villa go from here? Well, Paul Lambert has said it won't be the end of the world if the club doesn't bring in anyone else this transfer window. Performances have improved and, of course, Grant Holt and Ryan Bertrand have both joined on loan.

Still, that doesn't make up for the lack of a creative midfielder, something the Villa most desperately need. What do we think? Will Villa sneak in another signing before 11 p.m.? Is it all over? Or is some random lower-league player that no one has ever heard of on his way to Aston Villa?