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Transfer Deadline Day: Aston Villa holding out "little hope"

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Will Wes Hoolahan be joining the Villa by 11 p.m. on January 31st? Don't get your hopes up.

Michael Regan

Aston Villa have made their first Transfer Deadline Day appearance on Sky Sports. Fittingly, it took the reporter at Bodymoor Heath about 30 seconds to respond when asked what was happening at the club.

Nothing, that's what.

Sky Sports covered the Wes Hoolahan story (in case you haven't heard, somehow - another bid has been rejected) and quickly moved on to read tweets from viewers. The information we were able to glean from the on-location reporter speaking about the Villa? Officials at the club are holding out "little hope". It's not entirely impossible that Hoolahan will move from Norwich City to Aston Villa, but pretty much it's not going to happen.

Paul Lambert, let's hope you have a well-appointed temporary office set up somewhere in Liverpool, and you're frantically working the phones before the Everton match. Yes, Villa have performed better over the last couple matches, but a midfielder would sure be nice.