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Holtecast - Preview of AVFC-WBA, with injuries, lineups, betting, and predictions

We decided to do a quick off-day podcast to preview tomorrow's WBA match. Give it a listen!

Michael Regan

Jack and I had a few minutes on hand today, so we decided to do a quick version of the Holtecast to give you a preview of tomorrow's match against West Bromwich Albion. We talk about injury issues - will Gabby play? - possible lineups, betting, and some predictions. If you'd like to read more of our thoughts on the match, take a look at Jack's tactical preview or my look at the historical statistics of the series.

As always, you can find the Blog Talk Radio player below so that you can listen on this page. If you'd like to download the episode by itself, feel free to visit our BTR page. We're doing full-length episodes every Thursday, but we may do some random quick ones every now and again. If you'd like to subscribe so that you can get the newest episodes without every worrying about them, you can do so at the BTR page, or through iTunes! Take the Holtecast with you everywhere you go!

And we're working on getting onto Stitcher, so those of you that use the app can listen to us there too. Remember: if you have any questions, leave them in the comments below, or reach us at twitter. Jack is @crabsauss, Robert is @7500_Robert, and the site is, of course, @7500toHolte. Thanks, as always, for listening, and up the Villa!

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