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Aston Villa ready to make another January move

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Paul Lambert is continuing to insist that Aston Villa are not done in the January transfer window. We'll see if he's right.

Michael Regan

There has been speculation on twitter lately that Aston Villa have done everything we can expect to see from them in the January transfer window. And really, that makes a bit of sense. Despite the fact that Paul Lambert is possibly chasing Wes Hoolahan, we haven't heard much on the rumour front lately. Joleon Lescott? Nope, warmed-over drivel from the last few years. Don't expect it any time soon.

But that's the thing with Paul Lambert. None of us expected the Grant Holt and Ryan Bertrand moves before they happened. Just because we don't hear anything doesn't mean that Lambert isn't cooking something up. And, if you wanted to actually have confirmation of that, Lambert insists that the club are not done with the January window yet. I don't want to steal from Mat Kendrick, so I encourage you to click that link and go read the quotes there, but the gist of the article is that Lambert is looking everywhere. Even Europe!*

We've noted before that the January window is one in which you try to plug a hole here and there, not rebuild your team. Lambert seems to realize this, so don't expect too much to happen. But it gives us hope that he's still looking for a midfielder who can be a help to the club. At this point, I wouldn't be shocked if Villa were done for the window, though.

Part of that, I think, can be blamed on the Liverpool match. The team looked fantastic, and it made it seem as if maybe there was no need to upgrade. Unfortunately, we've not had a chance to see if that match was a fluke, or if everyone really have pulled their collective heads out of their collective rear ends. If there are no more moves to be had, let's all hope it's the latter. But, if Lambert is to be believed (and if he can pull anything off), maybe there will be some extra help anyways. And that would probably be a good thing. Even if the team will play to it's potential now, there really isn't a lot of depth in the back two-thirds of the pitch on this club. An extra hand would be nice to provide a bit of cover if nothing else.

Though no more strikers. There's plenty of those already.


*Side note: I was watching an old episode of The IT Crowd over the weekend, and Jen mentions that she and her new boyfriend are going to Paris. I thought, "Wow, that's quite the commitment for a new boyfriend," and then I remembered that Paris really isn't that far. Sure, it's international travel, but you could fit the distance from London to Paris inside many U.S. States. So why is it that so many managers (thankfully, not Lambert) are so appallingly blind to Europe? That would be like the manager of the Boston Red Sox having no clue what the LA Dodgers had to offer. Hell, I'm pretty sure if we limited ourselves to the size of Great Britain, the Seattle Mariners would have never heard of another Major League Baseball club.

It's just strange to me, is what I'm saying. Also: either Europe is very small or the United States is just incomprehensibly huge.