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Manchester City defender could join Aston Villa...but he won't

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Perhaps if Joleon Lescott retires, he'll no longer be linked with a move to Aston Villa. Nah, that's likely just wishful thinking.

Well...he DID play in the Champions League
Well...he DID play in the Champions League
Martin Rose

Haven't we seen this before? I swear we've seen this before. Somewhere. In a dream, perhaps? A vision?

No, no, that's not it.

Oh, right. The rumor that Joleon Lescott will move from Manchester City to Aston Villa came up in the last transfer window. And the one before that. It was a rumor when he was at Wolves, and again when he was at Everton. And, yes, this rumor already came around once in this transfer window, about two weeks ago.

The question is, does this rumor about Lescott moving to Villa keep popping up because there's actually a grain of truth behind it, or is it because journalists are lazy? With just seven Premier League starts, it's likely Lescott genuinely wants away from City (if he can stay on their wages, that is). And Villa are, in recent years anyway, very much in need of a center back to reinforce the defense.

But this rumor seems much more like regurgitated nonsense than a credible threat. Villa could use a central defender, but it's not the biggest need and doesn't seem an area where they're likely to pour money into during January. It's much more likely Lescott keeps getting linked because he's from Birmingham, he grew up supporting the side and...and it doesn't take much thought to churn out another piece saying the same nonsense.

Let's find a new rumor, shall we?