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Holtecast: Aston Villa's trip to Anfield, transfers, and looking ahead to West Brom

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Episode two of the newly revived Holtecast, and we've got plenty to talk about this week. Liverpool, West Brom, transfers, and Emile Heskey in space. You won't want to miss it!

Raise your hand if you're excited for another Holtecast!
Raise your hand if you're excited for another Holtecast!
Jan Kruger

We're back with another episode of the Holtecast, an important part of your daily health plan. This week Jack and I spend a bit of time talking about the Liverpool match, move on to some transfer news, and then give a quick preview of next week's tilt against West Bromwich Albion. Specifically, we look at whether or not the fantastic performance from Aston Villa in the match at Anfield portends well for the future, and whether or not the tactics used there will work against the Baggies.

There is also a fair amount of Emile Heskey talk, in which we finally found the striker's true purpose in life: rocket launching for AVTV. To that end, I'd like to invite you all to please submit your best hastily photoshopped logos for the Emile Heskey Space Agency, or leave a comment with your proposed motto for the group, all of that in the comments. To that end, here is a transparent image that you can feel free to use:


We're doing this every week, so if you've got questions you'd like to hear answered, or topics you'd like to hear discussed, let us know. Drop a line in the comments here, or to our twitter feeds. Jack is @crabsauss, Robert is @7500_Robert, and the site is, of course, @7500toHolte.

Below is the Blog Talk Radio player so that you can listen on this page. If you'd like to download the episode by itself, feel free to visit our BTR page. And if you like us enough that you'd like to subscribe (awww, shucks!), you can do so at the BTR page, or through iTunes! Take the Holtecast with you everywhere you go!

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