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The reason for Grant Holt at Aston Villa

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Nicklas Helenius won't be going on loan - because he can learn from Grant Holt, explains Aston Villa boss Paul Lambert.

Shaun Botterill

When Aston Villa signed Grant Holt on loan from Wigan last week, many were surprised. And confused. Why would Paul Lambert bring in a 32 year old striker that can't get playing time at a Championship side? Particularly when the Villa have forwards just chilling on the bench?

It seemed as though Nicklas Helenius, the young Dane brought in this past August, was destined to go on loan. He'd rack up a few months at a lower league side, get some experience playing in England, and come back to Villa ready to help the side next season.

Lambert's nixed that idea, however. According to the boss, Helenius is learning just fine at Villa, and he's now going to be learning more, thanks to the addition of Holt to the side. Apparently the "streetwise" Holt can stand to teach Helenius a thing or two.

Having been confused myself by the layout of Birmingham's streets, and realizing that horribly printed maps are of no help. I can see why Helenius might need a little help navigating the city. But surely the best person to provide a hand is not the one that just moved to town.

But no. Holt has moved above Helenius in the striking order, and the Dane will just need to sit back and wait. Wait until he gets stronger, apparently, as he's not physically ready for the Premier League. His finishing is just fine, insists Lambert, but his street smarts need work.

Yeah, because Villa's finishing has been so fantastic as of late that they should be leaving the forwards that can do it to sit in the stands.