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Watch the Luis Suarez play and vote: Did he dive?

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We've got the gifs. You tell us: did Suarez dive?

Michael Regan

Despite the fact that today's match at Anfield was a thrilling 2-2 affair - one in which Aston Villa played their best match of the season - all anyone can seem to talk about is the play that led to Liverpool's Steven Gerrard taking a penalty. You can tell I'm trying to write around this here, so as not to introduce too much bias, but we're talking about Luis Suarez hitting the ground after Brad Guzan came rushing out of the goal to stop him. Here's the play, done in absolutely huge gif form to give you the clearest possible picture:


So what do you think? Was Suarez legitimately taken down here, or is this yet another example of the Liverpool striker diving well enough to make the summer Olympics in two sports? There is, of course, the additional question of whether or not this should have been a penalty even if the fall weren't simulated. Was Guzan stopping a clear scoring opportunity?

Vote below and let us know your feelings in the comments!