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Aston Villa keep winger out on loan a bit longer

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Jack Grealish will return to Notts County to continue his loan at the League One side.

Michael Steele

Jack Grealish was expected to return to Villa Park after a half-season loan at Notts County, but the club have confirmed that the winger will instead stay with the League One side through May 3. Grealish did come back for Villa to play in last night's FA Youth Cup tie against Liverpool, which Villa lost 3-1, and he will remain eligible to play for the claret and blue U21 team.

Grealish is one of Villa's most promising prospects, and since he's only 18 there is still a ton of time for him to fulfill his potential. He's made no official appearances for the senior Aston Villa club, though he was named to the matchday squad against Chelsea in March 2012, when he was only 16 years old.

While Grealish was a name that a few people passed around as an option for Aston Villa's attacking midfield, he's likely a bit young to step into the role quite yet. He's done well at Notts County, though, scoring 3 goals in 18 appearances. There's definitely a bright future for Grealish, but it's best for him to be getting regular playing time rather than sitting on the bench. Grealish is awfully happy about the decision, too, for what that's worth:

This is a smart move all-around, especially since Aston Villa have reserved the right to recall him. Give it a year or so, and I think we'll see Grealish regularly making his way into the Aston Villa starting XI.